A Partial Update

After a MUCH longer than planned break, I’m here to report that I’m still alive.

Someone stumbled onto my blog, and apparently liked it enough to start following me. This had a rather lovely (but embarrassing) effect of reminding me I had a blog, which had not been updated in over a year. Oof.

When I started Clairexlibris, I was in the midst of a long job hunt, and title was a joke and a battle cry all at once. Even if I didn’t get a job as a librarian, I would still consider myself a librarian.  After all, you can take me out of the library, but you will have to pry the library and the knowledge I  hold from my cold dead fingers.

Only a few weeks after my first post, I accepted my current and much beloved job (as a librarian!), and the joys of moving (twice), learning a new job and college, and commuting ate my time.

In part due to the small and rural community I work in, I’m trying to make thinking about WHY I do what I do part of my own professional development.  My community of fellow librarians is mostly long-distance, and finding the time to talk about where we are, and what we are thinking about is often hard to come by. My intention is that this blog will be a part of that process, and I hope you will follow along.

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