National Novel Writing Month, and Come Write In

So during my adventures at ALA 2015, where it turns out that it is possible to walk uphill both ways (as long as you are in San Fransisco), I spent some serious time in the Exhibits Hall. For those of you who don’t know, the Exhibits Hall is a giant marketplace of vendors, organizations raising awareness, and groups that want to sell or give things to librarians.

11539568_10155787870255707_2020305400150654836_nFor example, Subaru was donating books to  a good cause (no, I don’t remember what it was: ALA is nuts, and this was day 3 or 4), if you took a picture with their bright purple car. But I make a point to spending time in this madness so that I learn more about what various vendors and organizations are offering.

One of the cool groups there was NANOWRIMO, which sponsors National Novel Writing Month. They have a program to encourage libraries to host “Write-Ins” during November, and our library will be participating.  On the message boards for the Come Write-In groups, people have been sharing cool ideas for tracking word counts, and I’ve made some to share.

blue tracking green tracking orange tracking red tracking

Four Color Book Style Word Count Tracking PDF

I’m happy to share the  Publisher Files, if you want to brand this for your own library, or alter the word counts.  Drop a line in the comments, and I’ll send them to you!

I’m thinking of lots of other things to help promote and track progress for our NANO participants this year: stay tuned!

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